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土著居民的参与和参与对威尼斯电玩城手游项目的成功至关重要. We work with 土著 groups and tailor our engagement approach to be responsive to the unique circumstances of each group. 在威尼斯电玩城手游的参与过程中, we provide resources to 土著 groups to support their participation in a project’s regulatory approval process.

Through active participation in activities like fieldwork and traditional land use studies, 土著群体对项目的潜在影响作出自己的评估. 

在某些情况下, participation agreements or project equity agreements are other ways we work with 土著 groups potentially affected by our activities to acknowledge their unique governance, 与土地的关系和法律地位.

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威尼斯电玩城手游想要保护本土文化, 价值观和环境得到尊重和保护, so we engage with local 土著 groups to identify and gather 土著 knowledge, helping ensure the needs and interests of each group are met throughout the life cycle of the project. These engagements provide an opportunity to discuss concerns and mitigate potential adverse effects by incorporating 土著 knowledge about the local ecology, 土地和资源利用, 项目计划活动.

Comprehensive 10-year Community Agreements first negotiated with Alberta First Nations in 2007.
Coastal GasLink signed agreements with all 20 elected 土著 First Nations along pipeline route in 2018.
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The Construction Monitoring and Community Liaison (CMCL) Program provides opportunities for 土著 group members to participate in Coastal GasLink pipeline construction within their traditional territory. 而他们的作用是观察, 记录并向社区报告施工活动, 它还促进了对土著传统医学的理解.

通过这个项目, 土著CMCL顾问与环境专家密切合作,以确定, harvest and collect Diamond Willow Fungus and Chaga—fungi found on trees that are important medicines in traditional healing.


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2008年,奥塞奇族成为第一个美国原住民.S. Tribal group to partner with TC Energy as we began consultation on the Keystone Pipeline System, 它现在已经安全运输能源超过10年了. 从那时起, we have continued to collaborate with the Osage on initiatives such as the cultural preservation programs. 观看威尼斯电玩城手游的视频,了解更多威尼斯电玩城游戏下载威尼斯电玩城手游长期合作伙伴关系的信息.




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